The Baltimore All-Star Coaching Staff

The Baltimore All-Star coaching staff is comprised of all adult, experienced teachers and coaches to supervise and teach basketball fundamentals. The annual return and stability of staff personnel has provided continuity for our program, and a comfortable familiarity for our campers. Organization and attention to camp detail is second to none. Through our staff, we are able to maintain a highly structured learning environment.  Any college player working as a camp counselor is a former camper who has come up through our program.

Although many of our camper-alumni have gone on to the highest levels of play, we realize that many of our youngsters are with us to have fun, learn, and enjoy the overall camp experience. We are constantly trying to make each session at Baltimore All-Star better than the last. It is through this approach that we are always improving the overall experience for all of our campers.

Coach Baker

Steve Baker - Program Director

Steve Baker brings a long-standing tradition of excellent coaching and camp experience in Baltimore. Through 50+ camp sessions since 1980, Steve had truly been trained as a camper, counselor and coach.

He started as Baltimore Camp Program Director in 2002 after 12 seasons as an assistant college coach, with 5 NCAA Tournament appearances.

  • 18 years of HS and College Coaching experience
  • 5 NCAA Tournament Appearances
Baltimore All-Star Camp Staff
Baltimore All-Star Camp Staff
Baltimore All-Star Camp Staff
Coach Steve Baker